Be Free

unleash your creativity

Make Music

your ears will love you

Your Ticket

is waiting to take you

The Fabric

of your life


Speed Limit Om®

the Speed of Consciousness

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My Signature Line

Speed Limit Om® Join the Movement! There are many ways you can help “Change the Speed of Consciousness”


Zen Token®

Meditative Amulets for the Soul

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What is a Zen Token?

That's a great question! It's a one of a kind, handmade creation that inspires the intuitive and empowers the positive.


BYOC Cushions

Sit your asana down and be ~one~

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Meditative Arts

It’s a Party in Your Mind so get your Zazen on with style and comfort with these unique and stylish items.


For Me, Yoga Is

passion, grace, imagination and strength

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Life Imitates Art

My teaching style emphasizes the physical, intellectual, and emotional benefits of yoga and meditation.

jen seated callout

“My philosophy of design and décor is simple ~
The more people I can invite into my space, the more they become a part of the art. Simply put: I like to mingle.”

Just a few of my new products
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