Prayer Flags | Wisdom Flags


...or, as I call them Wind Songs are inspired by the tradition of  Tibetan Prayer Flags, which for centuries have displayed prayers for peace, harmony and compassion. Tibetans believe the wind will blow the prayers and mantras into the surroundings, spreading positive energy, and crossing cultural and spiritual boundaries -- frankly, so do I!

Creating prayer flags is an enriching and enlightening experience. Often, I alternate between meditation and artistic creation, in order to fine tune my aesthetic perceptions, explore ideas and develop a relationship with my inner muse.  This is a fun process with beautiful easy to display results. Want to learn how? Take one of my workshops. 

How to display:

Anywhere! Inside or Outside. Let them fly and sing!
When raising prayer flags it is important to have a good motivation and wish that all beings everywhere happiness. Traditionally flags are hung from trees and posts and are let to actually dissolve into the environment over time. You may also choose to let your old flags fade and disintegrate naturally, even hanging new prayer flags up with old ones. The contrast between old and new prayer flags is a reminder of our impermanence.

Om Mani Padme Hum


$15.00 each