Zen Token® Meditative Amulets for the Soul


What is a Zen Token Amulet? ~ Zen Token Amulets are handmade creations - meant to inspire the intuitive and empower the positive. In fact, Zen Token Amulets are anything you want them to be - a work of art, a spiritual guide, a good luck charm, a meditation aid, a mini shrine.

2" x 2" square, glass, copper, paper & wood

Materials and Craftsmanship ~ Each Zen Token Amulet is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art by Jennifer Llewellyn. No two are the same! Jen incorporates many handmade papers, prints, drawings and inspirational words into mini mixed media pieces encased in glass and edged in copper. Copper is a powerful metal that directs spiritual energy and acts as an aide in the body’s healing process.

Design Inspiration ~ I believe in the idea of “little shrines everywhere.” The imagery, colors and art I chose are meant to connect with one unique spirit. Every time you look at your Zen Token Amulet you are taking a well-deserved moment to connect with your sublime self.

how to order

There are two ways to order a Zen Token Amulet:

  • See an example here? Order it! Chances are this Token is in stock, and we will ship it directly to you. If the item is not in stock, Reflectjen will create a Zen Token® with the exact same saying as the item you ordered. It will be similarly beautiful - remember no two are the same.
  • If you want a specific saying, or a particular visual idea - please contact me. I will be happy to create a specialized token for your journey.

Bulk orders available! Need Party or Wedding Favors? Special gifts for everyone in your life? Stocking Stuffers? Corporate Branded Gifts? You dream it, I’ll make it for everyone in your life.


$25.00 each