Steady Yourself Therapeutic Pillow


Be Real, and Relax. These comfortable therapeutic pillows tell it like it is! 

{Steady Yourself} is a medium weight pillow, 8.5" x 5.5" x 1.5
Style: Saffron with Unique Appliqué Tassel

ONE OF A KIND!!! Filled with organic rice and a generous touch of lavender to chill you out even more and surprise! This one has an edge of tassels.These are therapy pillows which means you can heat them up or cool them down as suited for your needs. 45 seconds in the microwave makes a heated pillow which also activates the lavendar aroma,
and 5 minutes in the freezer will create a stylish ice pack. I got you covered.

Make no mistake these pillows do it all

Therapeutic benefits:

  • A great anti-anxiety tool
  • grounding prop for your lifestyle activities - yoga, physical therapy, massage, sleep, stressful work meetings, child soother, anything you want...

But here is some science to back me up:

"In hospitals and psychiatric care, weighted blankets are used to provide input to the deep pressure touch receptors throughout the body. Deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS) has been found to have beneficial effects in a variety of clinical settings (Barnard and Brazelton 1990, Gunzenhauser 1990). Deep pressure touch helps the body relax by mimicking a firm hug or swaddling. The weight helps us feel secure and grounded. In fact, DPTS helps encourage the production of Serotonin, a hormone that induces a more peaceful and happier state of mind."

Weighted blankets have been popular in treating ADHD, autism, insomnia, anxiety, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Fun benefits:

  • Made you laugh
  • Made you smile
  • Use as a toss bag/hacky sack during parties and/or circus acts
  • Laced with good juju
  • excellent paperweight

*Designs are subject to slight variability and custom orders are encouraged. Be in touch, I will make it for you!What would you like yours to say?  Place an order here:

Materials and Craftsmanship ~ All Fabric and Textile Designs © Jennifer Llewellyn Fabric printed in the USA and hand sewn/collaged/appliqued in the Reflectjen Studio, most likely at 3 in the morning binge watching Netflix.


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