“Hello.. My Safe Word is…” Stickers


These are fun and fancy, graphic, weather-proof, vinyl stickers that could be used anywhere!
In and out of the bedroom, wink, wink ;)

Stick em' to your car, laptop, journals & sketchbooks, instrument cases, pint glasses, SUP board, vespa, skateboard, yoga mats…the possibilities are endless! Before you ask: Yes, they will stick to leather.

Styles include red and blue versions of a traditional name tag. Party packs are available!!

Each sticker measures: 3.5" x 2.25"
Party Packs contain 10 red, 10 blue!

And I won’t ask questions : Bachelor and Bachelorette parties for sure!

Materials & Craftmanship  ~ Weatherproof ! These will last a lifetime, maybe two. 

Design Inspiration ~ Let’s not go there, just have fun with my design and thanks!

The “Hello, My Safe Word is” Art and Concept is © Jennifer Llewellyn & The Sticker Joint @ Reflectjen Style.


$3.50 each
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