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Reflectjen wants you to Look Good, Feel Good, and Chill Outâ„¢

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Welcome to Reflectjen Style, Where we blend creativity and compassion by enhancing your lifestyle with limited editions of designer clothing, sacred art and accessories for the body, mind and home. This includes an original line of artisan apparel, meditation cushions, Zen Token® Meditative Amulets for the Soul, unique vinyl stickers and hip enamel pins. 
Every item bears an artistic sacred image curated by Jennifer Llewellyn; designer, mixed media artist, yoga sage and word-player based in the Hudson Valley, NY. Jennifer uses text, images and movement to inspire spirituality and songs among the people.
The balanced nature of Reflectjen is just one side of our lifestyle... We embrace the weird and the balanced side in all our products so we can help you be a truly honest expression of who you really are and what we all really think.

Be Balanced | Enhance your Soul