pic of jen seatedAre you Balanced AND Slightly Twisted?  I am -- literally and metaphorically.


twisted menuOne fine day, while skiing on Gore Mountain, I took a sudden left turn... right out of my strong, capable lotus yogi suit... and twisted my knee, tearing my ACL,  putting me in need of surgery. The aftermath of this accident left me with an unplanned year of pain, a stiff knee, physical therapy and then lots of time to heal. But there is good news! This time of reflection ultimately birthed a truly twisted situation got me thinking and designing - and ultimately embracing the weird in our product lines as well as the balanced. Why? So that Reflectjen can help you be a truly honest expression of who you really are and what we all really think.

Keep you eyes peeled on this web site as I introduce more Slightly Twisted products such as Twisted Tokens™ and Damn the Saboteurs.™

The good news: I still like snowy white powder, I now just watch it fall drinking spiked hot chocolate in fancy lodges suited with spas.

Cheers + XO + Embrace Your Weirdness